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Open alibaba, to enter the international market
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On Dec 2nd, our company formally open up the Alibaba platform. I't's a big progress  in sales Dep..

In the past, Although most of our products are sold toforeign country, we just play a role of manufacturer. The business is donethrough foreign trade company. They get a large amout of profits. Now ourcompany are getting stronger and stronger, we start the transformation. We willtransform from domestic trade type company to international trade company. Ourgoal is selling high quality products to customers directly. We hope customerscan get the prodcuts from us in lower price.

The quality of our products are high. We've gotISO9001/HACCP, HALAL, Kosher. We can do commodity inspection. Cooperation withus is a good choice for international friends.

Our alibaba website:

Waiting for your coming.